Requirements for material

Requirements for Articles

1.    Materials can be published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Swedish, German, Spanish, French and Italian.
2.    Articles to be published should obligatory have inside and outside reviews and also should be tested for text originality via “Antiplagiarism” programme.
3.    Authors, who are going to publish an article should send the following documents to the publisher’s e-mail
•    A copy of the article (doc., docx. format);
•    An author’s cover letter;
•    A review of Doctor of Economics, if there are not any Doctors of Economics among authors.
4.    The article should have and UDC index, information about the author/authors/ (not more than 3), a title, summary and key words (about 10 words) in Ukrainian, Russian and English, the text of the materials to be published, references (a sample article is in Appendix 1). Foreign submissions should have summaries in their original language and in English.
5.    The minimal size of the article is 15.000 printed signs, the maximum size is 28.000 signs. Pages should be numbered. The title of the article should be short and describe its content.
6.    A summary should be informative and understandable. It should briefly demonstrate the topic, basic results and conclusions. The size of a summary is 250-500 printed signs and it should be placed before the text of the article.
7.    The following necessary elements mentioned by the Executive Committee of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles (SCADT) of Ukraine from 15.01.2003 №7-05/1 “About Requirements to Professional Journals included in the SCADT of Ukraine List” have to be in the article:
•    The problem and its connection to important scientific and practical tasks;
•    The analysis of latest research and publications with suggested solutions of the problem researched on which the author’s approach  is based;
•    Indication of unsolved parts of the general problem to which the article is dedicated;
•    Formulation of the article’s goals;
•    Basic materials of research with full grounding of scientific results, conclusion of this research and perspectives of further research.
8.    If the article contains some illustrations they should be subscribed and numbered and be in grey colour.
9.    Drawings, tables and formulas should be sent in those same programmes in which they have been made.
10.    References should be placed after the article and should conform to the National Standards of Ukraine (NSU), State Standard 7.1:2006 “Standard Systems in Information, Library and Publishing Affairs”. Bibliographic record. Bibliographical description. General requirements and rules of formation.
11.    Source references of statistic data are obligatory. References to textbooks, study guides, newspapers and non-scholarly journals are considered inaccurate. You can use references to your own publications only in rare cases.
12.    Author’s cover letter is written according to Appendix 2.
13.    Short report (1500-1700 signs) should be sent as a separate file in Ukrainian (Russian) and English (Appendix 3).

Appendix 1. Sample article.
Appendix 2.Sample of author’s cover letter.
Appendix 3. Sample of a short report.

Editors are entitled to review and edit the submitted materials.