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The Second International Nobel Economic Forum was held at Dnipropetrovs’k University of Economics and Law on 19-22 May, 2010. The motto of the Second Forum was Overcoming the Global Crisis through Innovations.

The Forum welcomed over 200 participants and combined the intellectual efforts of outstanding researchers and public leaders from all over Ukraine, as well as Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Italy, France, Spain and other countries.

The Forum was held with the support of the President’s Charitable Foundation Ukraine and the personal participation of Leonid Kuchma, the Former President of Ukraine (1994-2005). The Forum was also supported by the Foundation «Amicus Europae» headed by Aleksander Kwasniewski, the Former President of Poland. The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine became the official partner of the event.

The Forum participants were welcomed with the speeches by L.Kuchma, the Former President of Ukraine (1994-2005), V.Semynozhenko, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, A.Kwasniewski, the Former President of Poland (1995-2005), B. Paton, the President of the National Academy of Sciences, D. Tabachnik, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, A. Kinakh, the President of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and B.Malitskyy, Director of the G.M.Dobrov Center for Research on Scientific-Technological Potential and the History of Science , of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Forum was opened in The Alfred Nobel Planet Memorial Complex with the prize giving ceremony for the winners of The World Nobel Student Online Contest in Economics. Here are the names of the winners: Marina Vlasova-Zakharchenko (DUEL), Maxim Shatski (Belgorod University of Consumer Cooperatives), Yuliya Komar (Kharkiv National Economic University), Artur Makaryan (Yerevan State University). In total the Student Online Contest welcomed students from six countries: Italy, France, Romania, Oman, Russia and Ukraine. The winners received special prizes, diplomas and awards.

The Forum also hosted master-classes conducted by famous researchers such as: Y. V. Yakovets, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, honored scientist and B.M.Kuzik, Director of the Institute for Economic Strategies of RAS, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, M. I. Zverakov, rector of Odessa State Economic University, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, V. M. Tyutyunnik and V. L. Kvint , head of the Department of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, Foreign Member of RAS - USA.
High-school students, who won prizes in the Nobel Economic Contest for School Pupils of Dnepropetrovsk Region were invited to take part in the plenary session of the Forum and student section meetings.

There are 40 articles and 60 short reports in two volumes of The International Nobel Economic Forum Bulletin. Among the authors of The Bulletin there are Nobel Laureates in Economics and Physics, three Academicians and two RAS corresponding members, one academician and two corresponding members of the Romanian Academy of Science, twenty seven Doctors of Sciences and eleven Masters of Sciences.